Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today...a lot got done!!!

Today was a productive day. Much was accomplished...such as...

1) Mouths for Red, Yellow and Green were black felted, and taped together on the inside

Ta da!

2) The eyes were glued into the sockets, being careful not to get any hot glue on the blink mechanism


3) A little finger loop was added to control the blink and leather straps also added for your fingers and thumb

Here's how it's operated. I hope none of the puppeteers are left handed...I made these for right hand...

Here's the gang currently!
Special thanks to Gary for coming over to bend the wire for the hands, cut out the fabric for the hands, and stuff the arm and leg tubes!!! It's all starting to come together now.

On the agenda for tomorrow and wednesday:
1) glue in the mouth for blue guy that was cut out today
2) cover them all in fur and fabric, including their eyelids
3) rig up the rod wands for controlling their hands
4) assemble hands
5) cover arms and legs with gray fleece
6) attach arms and legs to body
7) last details like costumes and pupils and tongues and such

then DONE! and off to the UK and Ireland for me!


  1. Awesome! These are amazing!! Its nice seeing the process of how they're done, and I can't wait to see what they'll look like finished :)

  2. looks awesome. you'll definitely need a vacation after all that work.

  3. hahahah yup...this vacation is very well timed!!!

    1. Please tell me where you get the Christmas Ornaments from please

    2. I think I got these ones from a craft store here in Vancouver called Michael's. Since it was January I think they were on sale too... :D