Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And so it begins...

Big thanks to Sean (Shaun, Shawn??? spelling) at "Discount Foam" out at Fraser and 43rd, for helping us put together some pieces of foam to start work on the skinny yellow one, and the round red puppets.

For these 2, we went with solid chunks of foam because the cylinder for the yellow one was already precut and ready to go. The red guy was cheaper to get 4 layers of 4 and 1/2 inch foam stacked on top of each other, rather than a solid chunk cube.
Sean cut the 4 pieces into circles for us in the shop but didn't glue them together, since I will need to hollow out the 2 middle pieces to make room inside for someone's hand to get in there, and it's easier to do that with them separate. I will need to join them together though once it's hollowed out.

So when I got home the 2 pieces looked like thus:

Next...it's time to get carving with one of these babies:

An electric turkey carver. It's great for hacking away at big chunks of foam. I'm also using scissors for fine tuning...but it doesn't need to be super perfect since they will be covered in fur and such later!

This weekend we'll get the foam for the other 2 (blue and green). To save on cost and carving time, I think the big blue fatty will be done with 3/4 inch flat foam, that I will cut into a pattern, and glue together into the squat egg shape. He'll be way cheaper and lighter this way and to make sure he doesn't collapse under his own weight, I'll use boning (like in corsets) to keep him rigid.

I'll post more when the carving is fully finished and I've added the holes for puppeteer hands, cut the mouths, and rounded out some eye sockets. BAM!

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