Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Carving complete for Red and Yellow

After shaping the outsides of Red and Yellow, they looked like this:

I drew a line down the center front and center back of each one so that I can make sure everything is symmetrical in the next few steps.

We got these 1/2 price Xmas tree ornaments which will work perfectly for eyeballs!

Then I took some o' these eyes and did a rough trace around them on paper. I also made eyebrows and mouths to tack onto the fronts of the puppets to get an idea of where everything will go. Then I traced some circles onto the foam for where I need to cut holes for where your arm goes while puppeteering them.

Then it was time to carve the insides and mouths out!

I cut some notches out of the back of the yellow guy to give him a slight bend, so he's not so ramrod straight up and down. I filled in the notches with spray adhesive then pressed them together. Because it took a little while to dry, I held it together with T-pins and then put some thin white t-shirt material on top with more spray adhesive, to make it super secure!

And here they are thus far:

I might've cut the yellow guy's mouth open a bit too much, but I kept the piece of foam I cut out, so I can always spray adhesive some back in. The mouths for these ones are a different technique than the Police Puppets Bronwen and I made a lot of this project is trial and error...and fixing errors! S'all good though because once they're covered in fabric you won't be able to see any patching or mistakes :D

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