Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Wonderment to Behold!

So...I'm off to the UK and Ireland tomorrow, and the puppets are not fully finished. But don't fret my friends...
I will have an extra week to finish them off before shooting begins on the music video, so hooray.
Here's what's been happening the past 2 days:

I enjoy epic mochas at Bronwen's while we discuss all thing puppets. She's like my Obi-Wan, and I am the young Luke Skywalker...learning the ways of the puppet.

Bronwen, the Master Dremmeller...

Brass pieces cut for hand mech, and dowels for hand rods.

A finished hand rod.

When I got home from Bronwen's work shop I started to get the hand mech together.

Used some brass wire to make a little knot for it all.

Then we get some glue

and glue that sucker into place

I also sewed the hands together, leaving the bottom open so we could fit the wire inside.

Then.......then ladies and gentlemen comes the fun part of this project.

Wrap him up like a burrito, and cut out some space for his eyes!

Sew up the fur burrito with some hidden stitch work.

Done!!! He needs some fleece for his blink rig, and some eye pupils!

Then it was red guy's turn! Drape him in fabric and start making darts!!!

He looks drunk here...but I was cutting out his eye holes.

And then my camera battery died. So to see more you will have to wait 3 weeks until I am back from my trip! See you darlings soon!!!

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