Sunday, January 16, 2011

Glue-Free Hands

I spent most of the weekend with a good thick layer of glue on my hands...
It has finally washed off, so now my fingers won't stick to the keyboard. So, here's how the weekend went:

I got all the chip board and foam cut out for the mouths of Red, Yellow and Green, and glued them into their heads/bodies.

Blue dude got glued together fully. You can see all the pins I used to hold the seems closed as it was drying.

Then I added some boning (stuff they use in corsets, or strapless dresses) to add a bit more shape to him. It was glued on and held in place with pins while it dried.

More Boning on the top of his head.

And a bit more boning on his front to flatten it a bit. Also added his face temporarily.

Also...the pillow top i sewed for the green guy was actually a bit heavy. So i layered up some extra foam I had from cutting out the blue guy, and made a top of his head from that. Much lighter, so now he won't tip over.

Tomorrow a lot of stuff is getting done, and I'm going to do a few more things tonight as well. So expect a giant update coming sooooon!