Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green Guy Fabric-ed

The Green guy was covered in fabric this weekend. Here's how it all went down:

So first off...instead of faux fur, this little guy is being covered in Antron Fleece. It's different than regular fleece you'd be able to buy in a fabric store. Antron Fleece is what's used for professional puppets because of it's ability to hide seams (as will be shown later)

Step one...I wrapped the piece of fleece around the puppet, and cut out holes for the eyes and mouth, then sewed up the back seam. The top and bottom then had a bunch of excess fabric like thus:

I created 4 darts to form the fabric around the curvy bum and head, and then pinned the darts.


I cut off the excess fabric above the pins

I pinned one side of the fleece to the puppet

Then I folded over the edge of the other side

and then pinned it down to line up with the other edge

Then I stared sewing back and forth, stretching the fabric to overlap somewhat to make it super tight!

Here's the top of the head almost complete

Aaaaaaand complete

The magical aspect of Antron Fleece, is that when you pick at the seams with a pin, they will be disguised and unseen!!!

Complete! I took the electrical tape off of one eye, that's why he looks a little funky...
No worries though, the eyes will be finished later.


  1. Wow I've never heard of Anton fleece, I like it!

    1. I was glad my friend had extra of it in the right shade of green too. It's super pro stuff and worked so well.